righteousness by the obedience of One

Good mornin to you my friend. Recently I had a discussion with my friend Vladimir online, and the discussion gravitated toward the subject of not fitting in with institutional religion. And Vladimir made some excellent points that are worth sharing for the benefit of anyone else who also doesn’t find any meaningful fellowship in institutional religion. So here’s his thoughts about the matter:

Vladimir Pandovski

April 24, 2022 at 8:50 am

The high percentage of narcissists in Christian leadership and ministry (1 in 3 being higher than the average for politicians) is a symptom, not a cause of the disease. Narcissists simply go to churches to meet their needs, which is contant admiration from sheepish victims, with no accountabiility for the abuse done to them. If Christians didn’t worship men in authority, narcissists would simply move on elsewhere. That’s the nature of that mental illness.

Notice how the same abuses…

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